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JMU Arbeitskreis Digitale Editionen: Projektvorstellung

Der Arbeitskreis Digitale Editionen des Zentrums für Philologie und Digitalität trifft sich regelmäßig zum Austausch über laufende Projekte an der Philosophischen Fakultät der Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. In der Sitzung im Januar 2022 stellte Elisa Roßberger das ACAWAI-CS Projekt vor. Wir danken für den regen Austausch und freuen uns auf zukünftige Zusammenarbeit!

1 2 Assyriological Digital Prosopography Group: ACAWAI-CS project presentation

How to sort all these names & people who survive in the cuneiform record of ancient Western Asia? And what solutions does the ‘digital age’ provide for this challenge? The Digital Prosopograpy* Group tries to find answers and develop sustainable strategies to do that. ACAWAI-CS needs to deal with the dense network created by the […]

1 2 ACAWAI-CS moves to Würzburg

After a successful first year at LMU Munich, the project will continue at JMU Würzburg from 1st November 2021 onwards! For more information visit the project website at the Chair of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

1 2 ACAWAI-CS project presentation zum NFDI4Culture Community Kick-off: Digitalisierung für die Wissenschaft

Elisa Roßberger presented the ACAWAI-CS project as one out of four ‘inspirational talks’ at the “Digitalisierung für die Wissenschaft in NFDI4Culture — Community Kick-off” virtual event. Almost 150 people participated. We received a lot of interest for what we do and a lot of helpful input for how we could move further. Thanks to the […]

1 2 Visit to the Staatliche Münzsammlung München

In August 2021, the ACAWAI-CS project team spent a wonderful morning at the famous collection of the Staatliche Münzsammlung München. Among tens of thousands of coins, the collection houses a number of ancient Near Eastern cylinder and stamp seals. Most of them were published by Ursula Moortgat-Correns (1955: „Altorientalische Rollsiegel in der staatlichen Münzsammlung München“, […]

1 2 “Bilder neu verknoten”. ACAWAI-CS presents its work at the Kolloquium zum Alten Orient at LMU Munich (slides available)

On Tuesday, 22nd June, 2021 at 18:15 CET, five team members (E. Roßberger, A. Kurmangaliev, N. Morello, H. Arjomand-Fard, M. Atad) presented objectives, digital strategies and first results of the ACAWAI-CS project in an evening lecture within the framework of the “Kolloquium zum Alten Orient” at LMU Munich. We published our slides on Zenodo. The […]

1 2 How to do eHeritage? Getting to know the others

On Monday, 21st June, 2021, ACAWAI-CS will join the BMBF eHeritage KickOff Meeting organized by the DLR-Team, which oversees the projects of the eHeritage Funding Line of the Bundesministerium für Forschung und Bildung. We are grateful for this chance to present our work. And we are keen to hear about other projects from different disciplinary […]

1 2 Einführung(sszenen). Erste Begegnungen mit 4000 Jahre alten Siegeln aus dem Irak

This blog post was written by Clara Wagner, student intern at the ACAWAI-CS project in May 2021. Der antike Irak in München?  Die Frage, was Deutschland bzw. München mit dem antiken Irak zu tun hat, ist ganz einfach zu beantworten: Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft finanzierte lange Jahre ein Grabungsprojekt am sürdirakischen Fundort Isin unter der Schirmherrschaft […]

1 2 Presentation of ACAWAI-CS’ text-related facets at IDCS workshop (Mainz 26-27th Feb, 2021)

ACAWAI-CS’ assyriologist-in-chief Nathan Morello will present our current stage of tagging and modelling inscription-related cylinder seal data at a virtual workshop organized by the IDCS – Initiative for Digital Cuneiform Studies. The IDCS is an initiative of young researchers from both Mainz University and University of Applied Science and aims to enhance cooperation between early […]

1 2 Babylonische Siegel(ungen) mit Knoten und Kanten. ACAWAI-CS beim Open Space Digitale Kunstgeschichte

Our first project presentation was a pitch given at the “Open Space der Digitalen Kunstgeschichte” on January 29, 2021, organized by the Arbeitskreis Digitale Kunstgeschichte. After a whole day spent with open space discussions on all kind of things digital-art-history-related, we gladly realized: We are not alone. There are so many options to choose for […]

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