Presentation of ACAWAI-CS’ text-related facets at IDCS workshop (Mainz 26-27th Feb, 2021)

ACAWAI-CS’ assyriologist-in-chief Nathan Morello will present our current stage of tagging and modelling inscription-related cylinder seal data at a virtual workshop organized by the IDCS – Initiative for Digital Cuneiform Studies. The IDCS is an initiative of young researchers from both Mainz University and University of Applied Science and aims to enhance cooperation between early career Computer Scientists and Assyriologists. The workshop “Von analog zu digital. Konzeptionen der Keilschriftforschung im 21. Jahrhundert am Beispiel administrativer Urkunden” will take place 26-26 February, 2021. Nathan’s conference abstract/blog entry, which summarizes the challenges he faces at this early stage of ACAWAI-CS, can be found here.

We thank the organizers for inviting us and look forward to interesting contributions and discussions!

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