Babylonische Siegel(ungen) mit Knoten und Kanten. ACAWAI-CS beim Open Space Digitale Kunstgeschichte

Our first project presentation was a pitch given at the “Open Space der Digitalen Kunstgeschichte” on January 29, 2021, organized by the Arbeitskreis Digitale Kunstgeschichte.

After a whole day spent with open space discussions on all kind of things digital-art-history-related, we gladly realized: We are not alone. There are so many options to choose for your modelling, annotating, linking, visualising and digitally publishing your data, that it is hardly surprising that people/we occassionally get lost between the chances and challenges.

But there is hope! The Open Space der Digitalen Kunstgeschichte offered a great opportunity to get in touch with interesting people, topics and initiatives, all trying to make the most out of their image-related data in a FAIR and sustainable manner. Thanks to the organisers for an inspiring day that will have lasting repercussions on ACAWAI-CS!

And go here for a useful blog summary of the event:

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